"Need Computer Repairs?
Let ER Computer Doctors restore
your PC or Mac to perfect health!"

Carlos logging in laptop brought for repair Ruben performing diagnostics on client's computerExpert Computer Repair at reasonable prices

Virus removal and anti-virus software installed

Spyware removal to speed up your computer

Data recovered from damaged or erased harddrives

Computer networks (LAN) for cable and wireless networks

You depend on your computer for business, school, and personal life. From company records and tax returns to family photographs to games and music collections, your computer is filled with important pieces of your life. Don't let a virus steal your valuable documents or slow down your productivity.

When faced with an emergency, bring your computer to the emergency room for computers, ER Computer Doctors. Whatever the problem they can repair it: ER Computer Doctors have the solution.

ER Computer Doctors are hardware and software experts. Not only can they repair your computer and remove viruses and spyware, they can also recover data lost by accident or malice. Indeed, they have worked with organizations as varied as the FBI, UTEP, and several El Paso lawyers to restore lost data. Western Playland, Service Masters, the City of Sunland Park, Club 101, and Helen of Troy are among their many delighted clients.

ER Computer Doctors has been in business for over 14 years at their present location. The Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ rating, and thay were featured in the El Paso Times.

"Before we contacted ER Computer Doctors, we always took our computers to an outfit on Montana Street. Sometimes they fixed it, sometimes not--either way they charged us."

"Now we always take our laptops and PCs to ER Computer Doctors because they fix them right, in less time and for less money than the other guys. They are truly computer doctors--the very best in El Paso."

Meet the Computer Doctors

Carlos Eduardo Casillas has repaired computers for over twenty years. He earned his computer degree from UTEP and earned his reputation by delighting thousands of clients. Carlos understands computers. And he can describe complex IT problemsin terms that anyone can understand--a rare gift indeed among IT experts. 

Carlos describes his long time friend and partner, Ruben Ramirez Jr. as "the only person I trust to work on computers except for myself". Together they have cured computer viruses on customers' PCs, laptops, and Macs for over 12 years.

 Next time you experience a problem with your computer, bring it to ER Computer Doctors for repair! 

I have known them for 5 years. Recently they worked on my laptop's broken hinge. They fixed it perfectly at a reasonable price. I had my laptop back the next day. Carlos and Ruben own the company, and work on the computers themselves. They are very knowledgeable and down to Earth.
---Tired Feet

Cable and wireless networks

In addition to repairing and cleaning out viruses from computers, ER Computer Doctors also set up networks to connect multiple computers. Computer networks are no longer used solely for businesses but for the laptops, PCs and Apple computers on home networks.

Streaming entertainment companies like Netflix (video) and Pandora (music) canbe watched and listened to on your big screen TV once they are networked to your internet provider. ER Computer Doctors can help you get the most out of your current electronics and available internet technology.

ER Computer Doctors installs and services both wireless networks and computers connected by cables. 


Come by for a free estimate to fix your computer, recover data, or remove viruses. ER Computer Doctors are easy to find!

Our repair shop is located at 7118 N. Mesa in Colony Cove Shopping Center in El Paso, across the street from Paco Wong's Restaurant. Please call 760-4799 if you need us to visit your location.

Located in Colony Cove Shopping Center on north Mesa Look for the Colonty Cove Shopping Center

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